Friday, February 5, 2016

“Secrets to a Great Resume”
 Wednesday April, 20 10am -12

Getting your resume noticed is getting harder and harder. Today’s job seekers are fighting on-line applications, computerized screening technology, and more and more competition. Join us for this valuable workshop and learn the secrets of writing a great resume. From format to focus, we’ll show you how to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd!

Presented by the Monmouth County Library Career Information Center, Monmouth County Workforce Development, Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Eastern Branch Library

Plan B – Building a Second Income
Wednesday March 9, 2016
10:00-11:30 am
Eastern Branch Library

How can you build a second income during a job search?  Come to a presentation on strategies to be flexible and creative to produce another income source.  While waiting for a call or feedback from an interview,   pull up your sleeves and make some extra money.  Speaker Jerry Clifford has weathered the ups and downs of the technology industry and discovered some hidden opportunities in the local market. 

Presented by Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Monmouth County Library Career Information Center.
Staying Positive and Resilient During a Job Search
Presented by Emma Shelby
Wednesday February 17, 2016

10:00am -noon
Career Connection Employment Resource Institute (CCERI)
Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ)

How can you stay positive and resilient during a job search? The ongoing stress of unemployment and financial hardship can be harmful to a person’s overall wellness. Learn and discuss tips, techniques and strategies to stay well emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically as you continue your job search.
Please register online or call 866-941-8188
Monmouth County Library, Eastern Branch
1001 Hwy 35, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702