Friday, November 28, 2008

Infrastructure jobs

I have been searching for articles about the jobs that would be generated by government spending on infrastructure and I found this 1994 article in Monthly Labor Review published by the US Department of Labor. Link is
I know this seems a little old but the source is probably not biased.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"At Your Job" columns from the Asbury Park Press

For the past 6 years, "At Your Job" columns from the Asbury Park Press have been giving insightful descriptions of hundreds of occupations by interviewing local workers. Some of the recently described occupations include Attorney, Personal Trainer, Musical Instrument Repairer, Singing Cowboy and Direct Marketing Consultant. These columns are great if you are thinking about trying a new occupation. You can read these columns by accessing them from the Newsbanks "American Newspapers" database. First go to the Monmouth County Library homepage at and click on "Electronic Resources. Select Newsbank from the list. Limit your search to Asbury Park Press and just enter "Your Job" as the search phrase. For assistance call the library if needed at their new toll-free number 1-866-941-8188. Good searching to you!

Career Information Center-New Book

Our new book is "Green Jobs: A Guide To Eco-Friendly Employment" by Lleewellyn, Hendrix and Golden. Looks like a great book on jobs, websites, green industries etc. Put in a request for it from the Monmouth County Library Catalog at

NJ Unemployment Benefits Extension

NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development issued a press release on Nov 24 explaining the extension of unemployment benefits. Monmouth County office of NJ Unemployment is 732-775-1566. NJ Unemployment website is at

US Census Jobs

US Census Bureau is hiring people now. Contact via telephone at 866-861-2010. These jobs are for both office and field positons with job titles such as office clerk, administrative assistant, office operations, enumereator, recruiting assistant, crew leader, assistant crew leader, field operations surpervisor. Also go to their website at

Wall St Journal on Online Job sites

Nov 25 issue of Wall Street Journal has a good article on online job posting sites including the following:

Future of Fort Monmouth Workforce

2008 NJ Governor's Conference on Workforce and Economic Development will present a panel discussion on the future of the Fort Monmouth Workforce on December 2nd at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. For information on registering go the NJ Department of Labor and Workfoce Development website at

Green Technology Jobs

Heldrich Center for Workforce Development is giving a presentation onf "Green Technology Jobs" on Tuesday December 9th, 2008 at Middlesex County College Room 100-102, Edison NJ. To register call 732-745-3970 or email