Friday, March 8, 2013

Do I Need A Headhunter? Working With Executive and Professional Recruiters

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 from 10am to noon at the Monmouth County Library at 1001 Rt 35 in Shrewsbury. At this Career Information Center program a panel of local executive recruiters will describe what they can do to help job-seekers find employment. How does one select a recruiter; what do they charge, and what are their success rates? Some recruiters specialize in specific industries or specific job functions. Some recruiters are retained by client companies to recruit for specific jobs and some recruiters ar paid only if a company hires an employee referred by the recruiters (Contingency recruiting firms) The major library resource for finding execuitive and professional recruiters is the "Directory of Executive and Professional Recruiters published by Kennedy Information. This directory lists recruiting firms who also provide career management services in which case the recruiting firms charges the individual for career advice. Some recruiting firms also provide temporay or contract staffing, management consulting and outplacement services.