Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Introduction To Job Searching with LinkedIn

On Monday, September 10th, 2012 from 10am to noon, the Monmouth County Library Career Information Center will present a program on Job Searching with LinkedIn. The Career Information Center is located at the Eastern Branch Library at 1001 Rt 35 in Shrewsbury. LinkedIn is a free interent based tool that can help you find a job or extend a business. It is designed for work-related online social networking. In this presentation, Mark Judman, an information technology consultant, will show you how to get started with LinkedIn and learn its most important features. * Creating an effective LinkedIn Profile * Building and growing a LinkedIn network of Contacts * Finding and participating in Groups * Searching Jobs posted on LinkedIn and Simplyhired.com * Finding Company information and especially Company contacts * Searching News to find recent articles on business topics * Using Answers to find work-related information and to showcase your abilities * Learning to manage your LinkedIn account to balance privacy and accessibility issues