Monday, December 29, 2008

Occupations with the Most Annual Openings

Occupations with the most annual openings are often not in occupations that are increasing in size. That sounds illogical, but the reason it is so is that there is a lot of turnover in occupations with the msot annual openings. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data is presented on CareerInfoNet whose url is First click on "occupations" and then on "most annual openings; then change change to NJ

Friday, December 26, 2008

Job possibilities from Obama's Stimulus Plan

The December 21st issue of the New York times has a long article outlining preliminary plans for Barak Obama's economic stimulus package. To find the article go to and searh under "obama expands recovery plans" for ideas about possible job growth from the package: infrastructure, energy, healthcare, education, and information technology.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Watch Out For Employment Scams

We have all seen job ads that are really come-ons to training programs that you have to pay for. The Riley Guide to Internet Job hunting has a whole section titled "Scams and schemes in work and employment services" on how to watch out for these scams. Here is the link to the Riley Guide which is a fantastic resource for job-hunters.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monmouth County Economic Indicators Nov 2008

Here is more information on the NJ Economy from NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development. It is the November issue of New Jersey Economic Indicators Monmouth County is in the central region

Green Jobs in New Jersey

The New Jersey Energy Master Plan has an estimate of the number and types of jobs that could be created by its implemenation. It is nice to see that they are mostly blue collar occupations. The report is a pdf file. Click here
Other links to the NJ Energy Master Plan are here

Workforce Studies Series from NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development

The "Burgeoning Economic Crisis: Challenge and Possibilities" by Yustina Saleh of NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development is the most recent study in the Workforce Studies Series. Highly recommended for people looking for a job. Issued on December 8, 2008. Other titles in series are: Finance Workforce, Pharma Workforce, Health Services Workforce, Advanced Manufacturing, Entertainment, Arts, Retail, Transportation, Logistics, Information and Communication.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

The fall issue of Occupational Outlook Quarterly has major articles on jobs in the education industry and jobs in energy. The education industry is not contracting yet which makes it a relatively hot field, and the energy sector might get boosted by government programs to build infrastructure and build clean energy facilities.

Friday, December 12, 2008

US Census Statistics for Job-searching

Using Census Department Statistics To Help in Job-searching

The US Census Department (online at publishes Local Employment Dynamics statistics that might help in your job search. One set of data is called QWI Online and it’s full name is Quarterly Workforce Indicators. The other set of data is called Industry Focus. Used together the data can answer such questions as:

What is the employment in a specific industry in your county
How many new jobs are being created in that industry.

Here is an example.

Say I want to find the industries in Monmouth County that have the greatest number of new employees over the previous year (the most recent data is 1 year old). You go to Industry Focus select “new hires” as the primary search criteria and Monmouth County, NJ as the geographical entity. (you can add other secondary search criteria). The resulting list shows the “722 Food Services and Drinking Places” as having the most “new hires”. You can then use the QWI Online to find out more detail about the kinds of Food Services and Drinking places (taking it down to 4 digit NAICS detail) for the subgroups of Full-Service Restaurants, Limited-Service, Special Foods, and Drinking Places. The data in this example are as follows;
722 Food Services and Drinking Places 5,775 new hires from 2006 to 2007
7221 Full-Service Restaurants had 2,891 new hires
7222 Limited-Service Restaurants had 2,189 new hires
7223 Special Food Services had 442 new hires
7224 Drinking Places had 253 new hires
A possible conclusion is that if you want to work in a restaurant, apply at full-service restaurants. Additional data is average pay of new hires; total employment in the industry sector.

What the data do not show are the occupations employed in these industries. For that you have to use the Industy-Occupation Employment Matrix from the bureau of labor statistics. The matrix shows the distribution of occupations in an industry and the the distribution of individual occupations across the all industries. The matrix can answer such questions as

What industries employ the most social workers
In the education industry, what is the range of occupations employed?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

NJ Business And Industry Assoc Projections

On November 25, 2008, the NJ Business and Industry Association released a report on how business owners predict the NJ economy to develop in 2009. The only industry group that predicts growth is the healthcare sector. The full report can be viewed by clicking here I found this report by seaching the Regional Business News in the database. The database is funded by the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative to promote economic develpment and job growth in New Jersey.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Infrastructure jobs or Unskilled jobs

Good article in today's New York Times (dec 9) about a problem with infrastructure jobs only going to skilled labor. New York Times is online full-text at Lots of bloggers are writing in about the utility of education and training programs for low-skilled workers; even basic literacy programs. What are the infrastructure needs of Monmouth County? Could some of these projects (Green industry) involve lots of training for presently low-skilled workers. The present planning to minimize the effect for the closing of Fort Monmouth seems aimed at retaining high-skilled jobs, but unemployment is higher in the low-skilled workforce. Could Fort Monmouth be turned into a training center for green industry work in central nj?

Become a Professor and Bulletproof your job

The library just got two new books on careers. First, "From Student to Scholar: A Candid Guide To Becoming A Professor" by Steven Cahn. Education is one of the few industries that is not downsizing...yet. This books outlines the steps to getting a job as a college teacher; a fast-growing occupation. How does tenure sound to you?

"Bulletproof Your Job: 4 Simple Strategies To Ride Out the Rough Times and Come Out On Top At Work" is a very long title. This book has lots of suggestions on how to become indispensible at work. (this sounds as good as tenure). Sections are titled: "Be Visible, Be Easy, Be Useful, Be Ready."

To reserve these books go to the Monmouth County Library website at
or call the library at 866-941-8188

New Jersey Knowledge Initiative

Just in case you still don't know about it, all NJ people who have a library card from a NJ public library has free access to the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative databases which are ReferenceUSA (an online business directory) and three periodical databases: Business Source Premier, Academic Search Premier and Regional Business news. To get access go to
Click on "Custom" and select "New Jersey Knowledge Initiative. These databases are funded by the State of New Jersey to encourage economic development. The "help" sections of these databases are very useful. good luck

Monday, December 8, 2008

National Employment Law Project

During my lunch break today, I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show on wnyc-fm and I heard part of this great interview on unemployment insurance from Rick McHugh of the National Employment Law Project. Check out its website. There is lots of information about legal issues at work such as unemployment, medical coverage, labor market, immigration. Really a good resource.

A Recommendation:

I was looking for news to post on this blog and I started scanning the website. What a fantastic group of articles and news. Of course there is the depressing statistics from Bureau of Labor Statistics, but also intersting articles on the busy jobs of Career Coaches, school guidance counselors and employment agencies. Then there is an article on search engines; articles on networking. The website is interesting; try it out. It's free

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bureau of Labor Statistics December Statistics

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its Employment Situation Summary for the nation. All industry fields show negative growth except for the healthcare and education industries. Click here for the full report.

I find the Table B-1 to be the most interesting with employment stats for industry sector. Here is the link to B-1

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Databases for job-hunters and NJ Businesses

ReferenceUSA, Business Source Premier, Academic Seach Premier, and Regional Business News are available online to anyone with a library card from a NJ public library. Go to ; then put in your library card and use the resources. ReferenceUSA is a business directory database allowing searches by NAICS, SIC, yellow page headings, location and size. The other databases are business and research databases. If you would like instruction, the help screens on these databases are good and you can also call me at the Monmouth County Library at 866-941-8188

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jobs in Collections

November 29th, 2008 New York Times has a good article on jobs in collection agencies; bill collecting etc. Not a very pleasant topic but a good place to find a job. To read the article go to and search under "collection agencies"

Friday, November 28, 2008

Infrastructure jobs

I have been searching for articles about the jobs that would be generated by government spending on infrastructure and I found this 1994 article in Monthly Labor Review published by the US Department of Labor. Link is
I know this seems a little old but the source is probably not biased.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"At Your Job" columns from the Asbury Park Press

For the past 6 years, "At Your Job" columns from the Asbury Park Press have been giving insightful descriptions of hundreds of occupations by interviewing local workers. Some of the recently described occupations include Attorney, Personal Trainer, Musical Instrument Repairer, Singing Cowboy and Direct Marketing Consultant. These columns are great if you are thinking about trying a new occupation. You can read these columns by accessing them from the Newsbanks "American Newspapers" database. First go to the Monmouth County Library homepage at and click on "Electronic Resources. Select Newsbank from the list. Limit your search to Asbury Park Press and just enter "Your Job" as the search phrase. For assistance call the library if needed at their new toll-free number 1-866-941-8188. Good searching to you!

Career Information Center-New Book

Our new book is "Green Jobs: A Guide To Eco-Friendly Employment" by Lleewellyn, Hendrix and Golden. Looks like a great book on jobs, websites, green industries etc. Put in a request for it from the Monmouth County Library Catalog at

NJ Unemployment Benefits Extension

NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development issued a press release on Nov 24 explaining the extension of unemployment benefits. Monmouth County office of NJ Unemployment is 732-775-1566. NJ Unemployment website is at

US Census Jobs

US Census Bureau is hiring people now. Contact via telephone at 866-861-2010. These jobs are for both office and field positons with job titles such as office clerk, administrative assistant, office operations, enumereator, recruiting assistant, crew leader, assistant crew leader, field operations surpervisor. Also go to their website at

Wall St Journal on Online Job sites

Nov 25 issue of Wall Street Journal has a good article on online job posting sites including the following:

Future of Fort Monmouth Workforce

2008 NJ Governor's Conference on Workforce and Economic Development will present a panel discussion on the future of the Fort Monmouth Workforce on December 2nd at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. For information on registering go the NJ Department of Labor and Workfoce Development website at

Green Technology Jobs

Heldrich Center for Workforce Development is giving a presentation onf "Green Technology Jobs" on Tuesday December 9th, 2008 at Middlesex County College Room 100-102, Edison NJ. To register call 732-745-3970 or email